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Life Conference (2007-October-02)

A few highlights of the evening

Pastor Bernard in action
Pastor Bernard in action

Pastor Bernard started with "A sad story; A historical and statistical overview concerning abortion legislation in Canada". The Sad Story begins with a Story of Forgiveness, since behind all this talk about abortion, we must not forget what ultimately causes abortion (sin), and the ultimate cure for this disaster (the Redemption of Christ, [1Jn 1:9]). Pastor Bernard then gave us a whirlwind tour of the Story of Legislation, with important dates like 1803, 1969 (Bill C-150), January 1988 (elimination of all abortion laws), etc. Then it was the Story of Numbers, to see how the numbers of abortions have dramatically risen since 1968. And finally, a Story of Silence, since the new generation of children is not told about this, and a Story of Remembrance, since just as we remember on November 11th our soldiers, we should remember all the unborn children who are aborted. And of course, pray, pray, pray.

Isabelle Bégin pouring out the information
Isabelle Bégin pouring out the information

The second presentation, "What choices do we have, in case of a difficult pregnancy?", by Mrs. Isabelle Bégin, was a very thorough discussion of just about everything related to abortion in Canada, except for the political and spiritual aspects. Some of the topics were:

- Numerous options available to women (mentoring, public/private/open adoption, support for the mother).

- Numerous sources of information (among them www.droitdesavoir.org and www.adoptionviverecanada.com)

- The numerous pressures imposed on pregnant women (boyfriends who threaten to dump them if they don't get aborted, family who tells them "don't expect us to help you if you avoid the simple and easy solution of abortion", health care workers who downplay the negative effets of an abortion, and who never present the many other options available, society that mocks women who decide to choose life, especially if the child is handicapped, etc.).

- The many negative health effects of contraception and abortion, which are systematically downplayed or even silenced (women who get pregnant because of the difference between the laboratory vs. real-life success rates of contraception, links between abortion and higher rates of mortality, substance abuse, ectopic pregnancies, premature births, low birth weights, breast cancer, psychological denial, etc.).

- A brief look at the money behind the abortion industry, including resale prices for aborted babies used for research, prices for abortions in Morgentaler's clinics, as well as the "war of words" that is waged by media conglomerates (often at least partially owned by the same people who make money with abortions) to divert the attention of Canadians away from the fact that every abortion kills a child.

Original flyer used for that Conference

"The Unborn Child: God's Gift For The Life Of The World"

The "Life Conference" is one of the events of the Life Week in Quebec City. It's for people of the region, especially youngsters and young adults. The goal of this Conference is to make us aware of the importance of protecting human life, from conception to natural death.

"A sad story"

A historical and statistical overview concerning abortion legislation in Canada.


Bernard Westerveld
Father of six children and pastor of an Evangelical Church in the Quebec region.

"What choices do we have, in case of a difficult pregnancy?"

Paradoxically, the "pro-choice" movement often hides the many choices that parents have, when they have the impression that they cannot accept an unborn child.


Isabelle Bégin
National Secretary, Respect for Life - Education Movement (Canada)


Tuesday October 2, 2007, at 7h30 PM


Trinity Church - 2687, ch. des Quatre Bourgeois
(in front of Hôpital Laval, between Henri IV and Robert Bourassa;
buses 7 and 800/801)

For who?

For anyone wanting to learn more.
We especially encourage youngsters and young adults to attend.


Volontary donation at the entrance

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