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Invitation To All Catholic Bishops and Priests

His Eminency Marc Cardinal Ouellet, Archbishop
C.C. Monsignors Pierre-André Fournier, Gilles Lemay, Jean-Pierre Blais, Auxiliary Bishops
Archdiocese of Quebec
1073, René Lévesque blvd.
Quebec City, QC
G1S 4R5

Subject: Invitation to the Quebec City Life Chain and the Life Conference


Every first Sunday of October, all over North America, Christians gather on sidewalks to peacefully pray for one hour, while holding one of the following approved pro-life sign messages:

Abortion kills children
Jesus forgives and heals
Adoption: the loving option
Lord, forgive us and our nation
Abortion hurts women
Pray to end abortion
Life - the first inalienable right

It would be wonderful if you could come and pray with us for one hour! Every year, many Canadian Catholic Bishops participate in the Life Chain, and encourage all their faithful to participate.

Moreover, we are organizing a Conference for Life in Quebec City for youngsters and young adults of the Quebec region.

(For the date, time and location of this Life Conference and this Life Chain, please see the included flyers, or the web site indicated here below.)

It would also be very much appreciated if you could ask all your faithful to attend. I'm including a copy of a flyer with all the relevant information.

I am of course available to provide you with any additional information.

In the service of Jesus Christ,

Bernard Westerveld, Chairman
Quebec City LifeWeek Committee

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