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Press Release:
Pro-Life Demonstration In Front Of The CHUL Abortuary

www.Proviequebec.ca is organizing a Life Chain on October 4th 2009, from 2PM to 3PM, between the Place Laurier shopping mall and the CHUL, in Quebec City.

The Life Chain is an event occuring all over North America, which reoccurs yearly every first Sunday of October. Christians gather to pray silently for one hour, while holding one of the approved pro-life messages: ("Abortion kills children", "Adoption: the loving option", "Life: the first inalienable right", etc.)

In 2007 and in 2008, some pro-choicers organized a counter-demonstration where some of their members committed acts of verbal violence and physical intimidation. This year, the Committee therefore asked Mayor Labeaume and the Police Department to put policemen on foot between the pro-lifers and the pro-choicers, in order to make sure the pro-choicers respect the freedom of expression of those who don't think like them. (Something the Ottawa Police Department did quite naturally for the May 14 2009 National March for Life.)

Since the Life Chain is one hour of silent prayer, pro-lifers can't talk. On the other hand, we offer to all pro-choicers an Electronic Debate On Abortion. This debate would be done by e-mail, with everything posted on the Internet. Moreover, the first one to invoke a religious belief loses!

Finally, as usual, the Committee has invited Cardinal Marc Ouellet and all the Priests in the diocese.

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