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Open Letter To Mayor Labeaume

2008 Life Chain

Note: Please see our Letter Of Thanks For The Mayor And Policemen.

Quebec City, Tuesday September 8, 2009

Mister Régis Labeaume, Mayor
2, rue des Jardins
C. P. 700, succ. Haute-Ville
Québec, QC
G1R 4S9

Objet: Police protection for the October 4th 2009 Life Chain

Mister Mayor,

Every year, the first Sunday of October, pro-lifers everywhere in North America gather on sidewalks to silently pray for one hour, while holding a sign with one of the seven approved messages. (See Appendix 1: "The Life Chain in Quebec City")

In Quebec City for the past two years, pro-choicers organize a counter-demonstration. Great! We are totally in favor of freedom of speech, and we precisely want to elicit a respectful and constructive debate on abortion! Moreover, the great majority of pro-choicers are very correct, staying on their side of Laurier Boulevard, and just chanting their slogans and holding their signs.

The problem is that a minority of pro-choicers use this opportunity to cross the street, scream insults, and commit acts of verbal violence and physical intimidation against pro-lifers.

According to us, it's absolutely necessary for policemen on foot (not in their cars) to physically be between the pro-choicers and the pro-lifers. (Not in the street of course, but rather at both ends of the curb in the middle of Laurier Boulevard where the pro-lifers stand.) When violent and irrational pro-choicers cross the street to come and harass the pro-lifers, the police should kindly return them to their side.

This would cost almost nothing, and would avoid serious incidents. Don't forget that pro-lifers are... pro-life! We often have young children and pregnant women on our side. The young pro-choice adults who come and harass us have big dogs, big foul mouths, and sometimes even masks and sticks, and not much courtesy.

In conclusion, could you, Mister Mayor, ensure us of the police's collaboration in order to avoid any regrettable incident?


Bernard Westerveld
Stefan Jetchick
Marie-Claude Bouffard
Comité de la Semaine de la Vie de Québec

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