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Letter To The Quebec City Police Department

Note: Lieutenant Serge Morin of the Quebec City Police Department promptly answered this letter and we were provided with perfect police presence during the 2009 Life Chain. Please see our Letter Of Thanks For The Mayor And Policemen.

Quebec City, Saturday September 19, 2009

Lt. Serge Morin
Officier d'opération UCF-USR
Service de police de Québec (SPVQ)
Soutien opérationnel
Événements spéciaux et mesures d'urgence
Poste de police de la Cité
275 de la Maréchaussée,
Québec, Québec
G1K 2L3
Bureau: 641-6411
641-6591 (télécopieur)

Objet: Police protection for the October 4th 2009 Life Chain

Good day Lieutenant Serge Morin,

I tried to reach you by e-mail and phone on Wednesday September 2nd 2009 around 10h37, but I haven't yet received an answer.

Did you get the "Request for permission for a demonstration" I sent? (French name: "Formule relative à la tenue de manifestation, marche ou rassemblement de personne et/ou demande d'occupation de la chaussée de la ville de Québec")

We also have a request: Could you please provide police on foot patrol (not in their cars), which would physically stand between the pro-choicers and the pro-lifers? (Something the Ottawa Police Department did quite naturally for the May 14 2009 National March for Life.) If pro-choicers cross the street to come and harass the pro-lifers, policemen will kindly return them to their side. (To better explain this request, I'm including a copy of the Open Letter To Mayor Labeaume.)

Moreover, would it be possible to meet you in person (or to reach you by phone), in order to transmit to you in private the rest of the information related to this event?


Stefan Jetchick,
Secretary, Pro-Vie Québec

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