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Report: The Quebec City Life Chain of 2009-October-04

Mrs Labonté, front and center, who by her prayers and phone calls
increase the pro-life attendance by 30%
Mrs Labonté, front and center, who by her prayers and phone calls
increased the pro-life attendance by 30%

On the first Sunday of October 2009, as every year since 2006, a Life Chain was held in Quebec City. This time, as opposed to the two preceding years, the event unfolded in an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Layout of Police forces and protection barriers
Layout of Police forces and protection barriers

We want to thank publicly and from the bottom of our hearts the Mayor, Mister Régis Labeaume, as well as Lieutenant Serge Morin (and all policemen who were on location) for having answered our request for a police presence during the October 4th 2009 Life Chain. The participants who had endured the intimidation and the threats of the past two years were greatly relieved, and the "newbies" found the event to be very serene.

As Lieutenant Morin said it so well, to both the pro-choicers and the pro-lifers, the police were not there to take sides, but to make sure the event unfolded in a respectful way. And that is what happened, thank God!

The pro-choicers are normally 120 to 150, but on this Sunday, the police cruisers parked next to us made that figure go down to about thirty. Moreover, what few pro-choicers remained were well-behaved. Despite the fact I'm a Catholic and that I believe in the power of the Rosary, I think this time it was also the power of the logo of the Quebec City Police Department that was at work!

Our only desire is that this police presence would become an annual tradition (as long as some pro-choicers are ill-behaved). This way, the Life Chain could once again become a family event!

West view of the Chain
West view of the Chain

Your humble reporter must admit that he almost broke the compulsory silence during the Chain, in order to scream his admiration to a pro-choice lady who had managed to spell my family name correctly!

Jetchick and Pro-Lifers: Misogynists - Fascists
"Jetchick and Pro-Lifers: Misogynists - Fascists"

The other signs were in general of a very low intellectual vintage, but nevertheless much better than the "Death to Christ!" of two years ago:

Pro-Life = Anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-freedom
"Pro-Life = Anti-choice, anti-woman, anti-freedom"

And as usual, the pro-choicers studiously avoided to mention our invitation to an electronic debate on abortion! But that's normal: only people who are in error are afraid of logic and respectful and constructive debates!

Also, allow me to use this opportunity to thank all participants who made the effort to come and pray silently with us for one hour. (And I'm sorry if I ruffled some feathers when I asked a few of you to stop gabbing at the beginning of the Chain. I must say that for the last three-quarters of the hour, you were the most quiet and prayerful group we've had so far! Congratulations!)

See you next year!

Stefan Jetchick, Secretary

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