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INVITATION: Electronic Debate On Abortion

The first one to invoke a religious belief, loses!


Did you know that in Canada there has never been a serious and thorough debate on abortion? There isn't even a "right to abortion", but actually an intentional legal vacuum! Right now, anybody can kill any child for any reason, from conception until the last part of the baby's body has exited the birth canal.


A respectful and constructive debate on abortion requires a lot of calm and thought. Therefore this debate will be done by e-mail, with everything posted on the Internet. Moreover, the first one to invoke a religious belief loses!

Ideally, pro-choicers and pro-lifers would each organize their "team" and elect a kind of "team captain" who would be the official spokesperson. But in the interest of democracy, pro-choicers can of course enter several teams.

Also ideally, it would be really interesting if we could obtain the collaboration of Laval University for the refereeing. Imagine if the "referees" or "jury" of the debate was composed of several women professors, especially if they have a Ph.D. in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or medicine! This would seem very appropriate, since abortion is a very "feminine" issue, but also because we want to approach it in the most scientific manner possible.

For more information:

Please contact the person in charge of the debate, Stefan Jetchick (See Contact). We'll send you by e-mail:

- A general debating method (applicable to any topic)

- A suggested discussion framework (specific to abortion)

- The coordinates of the team captains

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