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National March For Life, Parliament Hill, Ottawa

National March For Life

1) This year's National March For Life

When: May 9, 2019, at noon.
Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada.

Additional information:
Official web site
CQV site
(with chartered bus schedules leaving from Quebec City and Montreal)

2) 40 Years of Abortion

Join pro-life people from across Canada as we pay respect and draw attention to the millions of Canadians killed by abortion since 1969.

Almost 40 years ago on May 14, 1969 an Omnibus bill was passed in Canadian Parliament which legalized abortion. Today, a woman can legally kill her unborn baby for any reason, at any time, up until the moment of birth. The scientific fact that human life begins at conception is ignored by politicians. The humanity of unborn babies is unjustly denied.

Demanding Social Justice

The fight to end abortion is a civil rights movement every bit as important as that of Martin Luther King's to end slavery. The slaughter of innocent human beings via abortion is the human rights issue of our day.

For 12 consecutive years, Campaign Life Coalition has organized the flagship event of the Canadian civil rights movement which demands the legal right to life for all unborn children from the moment of conception. This is called the National March For Life. In 2008, this March had 8000 attendees, over half of which were youth!

Why a March?

This annual March is important because we:

Witness to policy makers in Ottawa, the nation's capital.

Educate attendees with presentations by the world's best pro-life speakers.

Witness to the mainstream media who still tries to pretend that Canadians don't care about abortion.

Connect with people who think like you. Youth especially love this aspect.

Growing Younger!

Recent years have seen youth take over as the biggest percentage of attendees. They bring tremendous energy and excitement to the March. Encourage your parish youth, high schools and college students to come and march with us, for Life!

Bernard Westerveld and Stefan Jetchick at the 2009 March
Bernard Westerveld and Stefan Jetchick at the 2009 March

Marie-Chantale Marceau and Stefan Jetchick at the 2010 March
Marie-Chantale Marceau and Stefan Jetchick at the 2010 March

Don't wait - sign up now for the March For Life. Make your voice heard. Be a witness to the Gospel of Life.

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